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Thank you for your interest in helping Calgary and surrounding area's most vulnerable infants, children and youth. The journey from taking the first tentative steps to finally becoming a foster home can seem a little daunting. However, many individuals just like you have made the journey. The following is a brief explanation of the steps involved in becoming a foster parent.

Foster Parent Awareness Session

A basic introduction to the Foster Care Program. This is an opportunity to ask any question regarding fostering or becoming a foster parent.

Preliminary Screening Interview

A foster care screener will visit you in your home and ensure there are no barriers to the eligibility criteria prior to taking the Caregiver Orientation. A Child Intervention Check will be given at this time and a Preliminary Safety Assessment of your residence will be done. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the program as well.

Caregiver Orientation

This course consists of 24 hours of specialized training around relevant issues in fostering. It is offered either one night per week for 8 weeks, or two weekends, Saturday and Sunday attendance required.


An application package is given out during the Caregiver Orientation. The application is made up of several documents required to complete a home assessment such as criminal records checks, personal and medical references, etc.

What Forms Will I Need To Complete?

Home Assessment

A Social Worker contracted to Calgary and Area Child and Family Services will arrange for two to three appointments to meet with your family. These meetings make up the home assessment and will include a discussion of your family history, present family status, family relationships and family attitudes.


At the conclusion of the home assessment, a decision is made regarding acceptance of the application and the family. This is a joint decision made by the applicant and the assessment worker.


Once the Home Assessment Report has been received by your area office, it will be assigned to a Licensing Officer who will issue a license. This licensing officer will likely be your Foster Care Support Worker as well.

Matching and Placement

You will be notified by your Foster Care Support Worker once a child has been matched to your home. Upon agreement with the Child’s Caseworker, that child will be placed with you.

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